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                              WHAT IF

​What if… this universe is not a product of time and chance?
What if… there is a real solution to social problems beyond education and medication?
What if… every life really mattered and had purpose?

Wouldn’t that be great?

What if… the questions – the real questions of this life – had answers?
What if…we aren’t getting answers to life’s questions because we aren’t asking the question?
What if… our desire for justice and peace is never fully realized or experienced?
What if… there really is a Creator, but we have dismissed or ignored Him?

Is your life full of unanswered questions and unfulfilled desires?

If… there is a Creator, wouldn’t He want to be known by His creation?
If… you were created for a purpose but chose to do something else, wouldn’t you be restless, unfulfilled, and anxious?
If… there is a God, wouldn’t it be great if He would help make sense of all this?

Reality is truth. Knowing truth brings answers to our questions – and freedom to experience life as it was meant to be. Curious? Keep reading. 


Start Here…Face reality. Own your questions. If you do not know the Creator of everything, just say so. Acknowledge you have, by your actions or passivity dismissed Him in some way. We all have. Most are just afraid to admit it.

Then Turn…to Him. The God of the Bible is the author and perfect example of true faith. The Creator and sustainer of all there is. He is reality. He is the answer to all of our questions.

Now Look…at Jesus – the One God sent to live with us on the earth. Jesus is the exact representation of God in human form. You may have ignored Him before, misused His name, or simply dismissed Him. The great thing is He has not dismissed you. Look to Him. Ask your questions. Don’t worry about your past. Don’t fret over what you did today. He knows everything about you and still welcomes you. Bring to Him your doubt, fear, and uncertainty. He can handle it.

Now Stop. Start putting the pieces together. First, there is God’s unmatched power and perfection. Then there’s us – you and I. We have turned away to lesser things and rebelled against God’s authorship of this world, and of us. We have turned away from Jesus, who willingly came to give us a picture of God in human form. All of our “What if?” questions are answered in Him. Even more, Jesus made a way for us to enjoy a relationship with our Creator and find purpose in life. 

There is a choice to make…

Look both ways. One way leads to a life without God where we continue to ignore our Creator and keep Him far from the reality of our lives. We reject His love and forgiveness. Sure, this road can still be filled with success – education, a good job, even a nice family and neighborhood. But that type of success still leaves questions and emptiness. Right living, helping the helpless, financial stability, physical fitness, or whatever else you might use to define success does not bring the fullness of life God desires for each of us. Our good behavior or supposed “success” does not even begin to balance-out our missteps or answer our many “What if's?” Only something as huge as the Cross of Jesus can make sense of life and make things right – really right. This other way – the way of Jesus – removes the worry and wondering about life’s deepest questions. Why? Because in Jesus we find truth. He shows us what life is about.

Now go…which way will you choose? Life without God, or the way of Jesus? Maybe you need more information? No problem. The way you choose is the most important decision you will ever make – seriously. We welcome your questions. Send an email to Evangel or call us 704-784-2761. Maybe in this moment you recognize your need for a relationship with God? That you’ve ignored Him for too long and that you need His love and forgiveness and the fullness of life that He offers. That's what faith in the God of the Bible brings. That’s what Christianity is all about. It’s the answer to all our questions. Keep reading to discover how you can become a Christian. 

We have all offended God. Don’t think so? Have you ever lied, cheated, or stolen? Have you ever said, thought, or done something wrong? How do you make-up for doing wrong, harsh words, or half-truths? Maybe you’ve tried to balance the cosmic scales of justice by doing more good things than bad? You know, apply your own “fix” to the brokenness of life. That sounds good, and might make you feel better – for a while. Unfortunately, our attempt to balance-out the bad or “fix” our wrongs begs a critical question: how do we know if we’ve truly “fixed” a broken situation? Further, how many good things must we do to tip the balance of justice in our favor?

Perhaps you’ve gone deeper with your “fixing.” Maybe you’ve tried behavior modification – you know, work hard at doing the right thing more often. Now be honest. How well does that work? Ever find yourself back in the rut of the same old habits? Have you felt the weight of guilt and despair that comes from trying to be good enough – from trying to make life work through your own efforts?

Here’s a proposition: what if you didn’t have to be “good enough”? What if God made a way for His goodness to become your goodness? What if all you need to do is recognize your inability to fix life and instead trust God with making sense of everything? That’s what Christianity is all about. Being a Christian means having faith in what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, did for us. He lived a perfect human existence and then died on a cross to make right all the wrong things we’ve ever done, will do today, and ever will do. He came back to life after three days to prove his power over death and His complete ability to forgive our sins and give us life – forever. He is Truth, and the answer to all of our questions. He brings purpose and hope to our broken world.

To receive forgiveness and life forever with Jesus, the only thing we need to do is admit we can’t fix life and have made a mess of things (we are sinful and deserve death – Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23), believe that Jesus is the only way to God and the answers to life’s questions (John 3:16, John 14:6), and confess that we are sinful and ask God to forgive us (1 John 1:9). 

If you are ready, talk to God now. Admit. Believe. Confess. Then tell someone about your new life as a follower of Jesus – a Christian. We, as a church, would love to hear of your decision and celebrate with you and get you connected with our vibrant and growing community of faith. Perhaps you still have questions or would like to talk with someone. Great! Either way, send an email to Evangel or call us at 704-784-2761.