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Evangel Worship Center 

 A Gift for Ludivich...and All of Us

I don’t know his story, and he doesn’t know mine. But God brought our lives together and wrote a new chapter for both of us, one only He could author.  

I first met Ludivich last year in a village so small it doesn’t appear on maps of Romania. He sat in a wheelchair, his right side weakened by a stroke. He is one of dozens of homeless elderly rescued by Viorel Pasca, a Romanian pastor and a man of active faith. I prayed for Ludivich and offered him a banana, crackers, and a smile. 

Months later I returned with my friend Janna, an Occupational Therapist. Ludivich was using a walker, but awkwardly because he has little strength in his right arm. Janna recognized his need for a platform walker that would cradle his weakened arm. She explained through our translator that there is equipment available in the U.S. that could help. We said we’d do our best to get the special walker for him.

Little did we know how God would provide. 

Elder Orphan Care, the ministry through which I partner with Pastor Viorel, receives free storage at Evangel Worship Center’s humongous warehouse of donated goods. One morning I took a load of boxes there. Walking to our storage area, I noticed an assortment of medical equipment. Incredibly, a platform walker was hanging in plain view. I took a photo and texted Janna: “Is this the walker Ludivich needs?” She quickly replied: “YES!” 

When I asked Gaylyn, the warehouse manager, if the walker was available, she said, “It’s yours.” Obviously! If the walker had been anywhere else in that vast warehouse I would have missed it. I’m confident it was hung there by God’s design. 

The walker shipped with our container in October. I had the overwhelming pleasure of giving it to Ludivich December 4th. The expression on his face in this photograph says more than any words I could write. 

It seems God went to great lengths to get that walker to Ludivich: my initial visit, Janna’s expertise, the unknown person who donated it, Gaylyn’s generosity, and a long journey across the ocean. The image of Ludivich and his “wonder walker” is a memory I treasure. And it reminds me of another gift, a much Greater Gift, another journey, and another set of circumstances so “God” that no human could have orchestrated them. 
Evangel Warehouse Donation News 

 Written by Kim Jackson with Elder Orphan Care Ministries in Romania where they care for 106 formerly homeless elderly people who now live in several community homes in Romania. They help provide shelter, nutrition, medical care, equipment, and God's love.

Getting "Silly" For Jesus!

Evangel donated over 4,000 Silly Bands  to CHaRA for Tanzania, Africa!

Missionary pictured handing them out with lots of smiles in remote village

Food Distribution in the village of Madam Bauje, Haiti

 The village people began by singing and praising God and praying and thanking Him!

 Food donated by Feed My Starving Children and Love A Child partners (Evangel) make it possible to bring the food from the States to Haiti!
 As a result, 32,400 meals were distributed in this one village alone! Amazing!

Thank You Evangel Family for your support !
This is David. He lives in Haiti.

The children of Evangel Worship Center have clothed him, put him in a home full of loving people and put him through primary school.

 He has hope.
Gleaning The Fields!

Serving together by feeding the hungry out of the abundance that we are provided. 
A big thank you to the Society of St. Andrews and Concord's Barbee Farms.  We were able to glean fresh sweet corn for our Soup Kitchen, our community outreach, and many local Feeding Centers!  Thanks to all the Evangel Volunteers who gave their time (and sweat)!